Medical tratments

» Nutrition clinic: adipometer, impedance analysis and energy expenditure, tests using special equipment for an accurate analysis of the skin through ultrasound.

»  Posture: study of how a person interacts with the surrounding space, objects and people.

» Chinesitherapy: a manipulative therapy used in physiotherapy for rehabilitation and functional re-education of single or groups of muscles throughout the body..

Back in shape

We organize meetings with our expert nutritionist G. Maullu for creating customized tours of slimming general or localized.
The synergy of the various actions such as clinical analysis of body composition and energy expenditure, creating a personalized diet, combined with the use of specific machinery allow us to build the best solution for each type of request. To have an expert team will enable everyone to have the support they need to carry on until the end of its goal of weight loss.

Treating Fibromyalgia

Our Fybromyalgia specialists provide a  completely natural, effective and long-lasting method to fight fibromyalgia syndrome. Chronic muscular pain associated with spine problems, arms, thighs and joints affects 2 out of 10 women at the age of 50 . Treating these symptoms with the best technologies combined with a personalized pathway is essential to solve other problems such as sleep disorders and bad mood that often are treated as forms of depression.
Our study offers advice diagnostics, therapy and specific training courses for doctors and physical therapists interested in learning this new technique.


Diagnosis against hair loss. A specialist consultation with a Trichologist is fundamental in identifying the underlying cause of alopecia.

A pull-test is done to evaluate the quantity and area of hair-loss over the scalp. The Trichologist together with the patient then evaluate the most suitable form of intervention for the results required.

Our medical equip have the most up-to-date patented equipment for the implantation of one’s own hair. Each session of treatment is organized based on the needs of each and every individual case.

If surgery is required then a short convalescence period in the local clinic maybe required.

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